Hand Made Jewellery

About Me

I have been working with silver for a number of years purely as a hobby.  on a number of occassions people have asked me if I sold my Jewellery, to which I always answered no.  

After being asked the same question for a number of years I decided that maybe it was about time to advance my Hobby into something more.

I first started Silversmithing about 7 years ago at college as an evening class, I then decided to do the NOCN qualification at level 2 and then progressed to level 3 which I completed in 2010. Unfortunatly the college stopped running the courses so I have to leave.

In 2014 I found a lady that teaches Silver clay Jewellery, and decided to give this a try, unlike traditional silver it is what it says it is, it is clay, so is worked completely differently to a solid sheet of silver. I am continue to go to her classes to learn new techniques and hopefully progress my designs.  I have at this time completed my level one in silver clay  and will be doing my level 2 next year.